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Please note from Tuesday 7th September, we will be offering a 'soft opening' from 8.40am where children can arrive at school. Official start time will be 8.50am for all classes. Please see the letter dated 6th September for further details.


Dojo letter 07/09/2021Start and Collection Arrangements 06/09/2021Head Teachers Welcome Letter 03/09/2021Trust Newsletter 19/07/2021Sec Letter to Bham parents 2022 16/07/2021Year 6 Speeches 14/07/2021New Head Teacher 12/07/2021COVID UPDATE for parents in 5F 09/07/2021SW Letter for RS Parents 09/07/2021SW Retirement letter 9.7.21 09/07/2021COVID UPDATE for Parents of 4S 06/07/2021COVID UPDATE for Parents of 3M 06/07/2021RN Letter 6.7.21 06/07/2021Half term track and trace 28/05/2021Fasting letter 20.04.21 05/05/2021School Letter 30.04.2021 05/05/2021School letter 1.4.21 06/04/2021Easter track and trace letter 31/03/2021Red Nose Day Letter 9.3.21 11/03/2021Whole school attendance letter 09.03.21 09/03/2021Parents & Carers Schools return - Birmingham CC 04/03/2021Home School Agreement 03/03/2021General Arrangements for whole school opening - MARCH 8th Summary 03/03/2021Welcome letter - March 8th 21 03/03/2021Track and Trace - Half term 09/02/2021Parents update letter 08-02-21 08/02/2021COVID-19 UPDATE IN THE FRANKLEY AREA 04/02/2021Fake news and disinformation online 01/02/2021Lateral Flow Test 28/01/2021Parents Update Letter 05-01-21 05/01/2021School closed to all but Key Workers and Vulnerable Children 04/01/2021Parents Letter 03-01-21 03/01/2021IMPORTANT TRACK AND TRACE PROCEDURES 15/12/2020Inset Day 18th December 2020 09/12/2020Christmas Meal Y6 08/12/2020Christmas Meal Y5 08/12/2020Christmas Meal Y4 08/12/2020Christmas Meal Y3 08/12/2020Minister Ford open letter to the SEND sector 15/11/2020COVID-19 Letter 13/11/2020Birmingham Council Public Health Letter 07/11/2020Parent Guide - Reaside Academy Parents' Evening 03/11/2020Online Parents' Evening Letter - 03.11.20 03/11/2020New timings for school day 20.10.20 20/10/2020COVID letter update to all parents and guardians 19/10/2020Drop and Collect Covid Testing 13/10/2020General Arrangements for whole school opening - 5th October 2020 06/10/2020Recovery Curriculum 06/10/2020PHE letter to parents and guardians 25/09/2020Learning from Home Update 25/09/2020Parents safeguarding letter - 3rd September 2020 08/09/2020WHOLE SCHOOL attendance letter 08.09.20 08/09/2020September 2020 - Home school agreement COVID-19 18/08/2020Birmingham Children's Partnership - 5th August 2020 05/08/2020Birmingham City Council Youth Services - 5th August 2020 05/08/2020Welcome back - September 2020 14/07/2020Advice on what to do if a child tests positive 14/07/2020General Arrangements for whole school opening -September 2020 14/07/2020Attendance - Whole school letter COVID 19 14/07/2020Information booklet 2020-21 14/07/2020Letter for year 2 parents 14/07/2020Apply online for your child’s secondary school place – September 2021 10/07/2020Reaside School Uniform 07/07/2020Reward System 07/07/2020Transition to new classes for 2020-2021 06/07/2020Jayne K - School closure 1st July 25/06/2020Bereavement 22/06/2020Jayne Kavanagh 18/06/2020Letter to Faith Groups 19 05 2020 22/05/2020GUIDANCE Eid 2020 during COVID19 190520 22/05/2020Schools Thank You Letter - May 2020 22/05/202022.5.2020 - Parents and carers 22/05/2020Possible reopening of schools - 19.5.2020 20/05/2020Sum term 1 - 20.04.2020 20/04/2020Parent wellbeing pack 20.04.2020 20/04/2020CDOP Child Death Prevention Newsletter Important Coronavirus Advice for Parents and Carers 17/04/2020Update 9th April FSM 09/04/2020Update 2nd April 02/04/2020Changes in provision 27.3.2020 27/03/2020Wonde e-vouchers 26/03/2020FSM letter 24th March 2020 24/03/2020Free School Meals 20/03/2020School Closure Timetable 20/03/2020Letter to parents from Dr Tim O'Neill 20/03/2020School Closure Information 20/03/2020COVO 19 update 17.03.20 17/03/2020Government Guidance COVO 17320 17/03/2020Commando Joe after school club Y5 / 6 21/01/2020Residential meeting letter 17.01.20 21/01/2020Art club - TL 17/01/2020Art club - JK 17/01/2020Year 3 Botanical Gardens Trip 10/12/2019Xmas meal 2019 29/11/2019New acheivement certificates 26/11/2019Advance Notice - New School building opening information 22/11/2019Year 3 Trip to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 15/10/2019Year 4 trip to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 09/10/2019Swimming letter Sept 19 12/09/2019Year 6 Seven Valley trip letter 05.09.19 12/09/2019Summer Workshops / Activities 16/07/2019Happy Healthy Holidays Registration Form 16/07/2019Happy Healthy Holidays Flyer 16/07/2019Family picnic day 02/07/2019Frankley library letter 01.07.19 01/07/2019Malvern Hills Outdoor Education Centre 25/06/2019Sports Day Guide for Parents 25/06/2019Foodbank Newsletter 06/06/2019Mexican Menu 10/05/2019March / April Flyer 2019 19/03/2019World Book day letter - 26.02.19 28/02/2019Parent letter - February 2019 28/02/2019UWMAT Child Safety on TikTok_Parent Factsheet 28/02/2019100% Attendance Award 26/02/201996% Attendance Award 26/02/2019City Serve Menu 22/01/2019A-Life 22/01/2019

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