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Please note from Tuesday 7th September, we will be offering a 'soft opening' from 8.40am where children can arrive at school. Official start time will be 8.50am for all classes. Please see the letter dated 6th September for further details.


Mrs H Carrier
Head Teacher
Mr R Parslow
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C Blair
SENDCo /Inclusion Lead/Deputy DSL
Mrs A Dyke
Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs J Miller
Year 3 Class Teacher
Mr D Kemp
Year 4 Class Teacher
Mrs A Slater
Phase 1 Leader – Year 4 Class Teacher
Mrs C O'Leary
Phase 1 Leader – Year 5 Class Teacher
Miss E Friel
Year 5 Class teacher
Mrs D Wall
Year 5 Class Teacher
Miss S Rich
Phase 2 Leader – Year 6 Class Teacher
Mr J Beech
Year 6 Class Teacher
Mrs P Wooldridge
TA in Phase 1
Mrs T Livadiotis
TA in Phase 2
Miss V Talbot
TA in Phase 2
Mrs M Varley
TA in Phase 2
Mrs A Larkin
TA in Phase 1
Mrs S Bayliss
TA in Phase 1/ Pastoral Team/Deputy DSL
Miss O Campbell
TA in Phase 1/Pastoral Team
Mrs L Liggett
Office Manager
Miss N Jeffries
Administration Assistant
Mr R Liggett
Site Manager
Miss S Prosser
Kitchen Staff
Mrs M Charles
Catering Staff Member
Mrs D Mazur
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor / Catering Staff Member
Miss T Paterson
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Brown
Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Mrs N Whittall
Mrs D McGee

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